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Vol 1., #1 - June 1998
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©2000 by Paul Wyman, L.M.P.

Dr. Edward Bach described Star of Bethlehem as a remedy for shock and trauma, whether past or present. As a body worker, I am constantly confronted with evidence of trauma. It may manifest physically, in a visible scar, emotionally in tears or terror, or spiritually as a frightened, protective spirit tightening muscles into knots. Scarring is always present, and Star of Bethlehem is a potent treatment for scarring at all levels.

The physiology of scar tissue formation may clarify what happens on the less visible levels. When you pull a muscle, minute tearing occurs in its fibers. The body initiates an inflammatory response, sending extra blood to the area, thus creating the heat, redness, swelling, and pain which are signs of inflammation. In this blood are all the agents your body needs to heal the injured tissue. Ideally, the inflammation is brief, effective, and dissipates as soon as the tissue regains its integrity.

close-up of star of bethlehemIf, however, there is an emotional trauma at the same time, such as being struck by a parent, the inflammatory response can continue even after the physical healing is complete. This means we continue to lay down scar tissue long after it is needed. Not only do we stay in physical pain longer than necessary, the proliferation of scar tissue creates problems by blocking the natural flow of energy through the area.

Eventually it affects the whole person, since the backed up energy creates imbalances in the flow elsewhere. So a minor physical injury with an emotionally traumatic component can begin to have systemic effects. What should have resolved in a week or two lasts for months or even decades.

For the physical injury to heal appropriately, the organism needs to get the message that there is no longer a threat and that the inflammatory response can be shut down safely. If you treat the emotional component, the physical injury will heal appropriately.

Since Star of Bethlehem works equally well with current or past shocks, the potential for it to be valuable even in decades-old injuries is implied.

Excess scar tissue from surgery or injury is palpable to the trained hand. I have consistently found that Star of Bethlehem, applied to the site, dissolves scarring and produces striking results:

persistant, old painChronic injuries which still demonstrate a long term, low grade inflammation begin to heal. There is consistently less pain.

Excess scar tissue is reabsorbed more quickly and with less pain.

Surgical scars begin to feel different: less like awkward rubber Band-Aids and more like living tissue.

Many clients report more feeling in the scarred area than before the application of the essence.

Traumatized areas where a client is uncomfortable being touched become less "charged." Touch is easier to tolerate, and thus physical healing is accelerated.

The physiology of scarring can be a metaphor for how we hold onto past trauma on all levels. The scars of emotional traumas, like the scars of physical injuries, continue to grow until the organism gets the message that the threat is removed.


The Flower Essence Society's addition to the remedy's description is most instructive. They say Star of Bethlehem brings a sense of "comfort and reassurance from the spiritual world."

As a support to the belief that the threat is no longer present, the remedy creates the circumstances where excess inflammation, with all its negative consequences, can finally be released. Surprisingly, this is rarely a cathartic remedy when applied to the body."

Here are some ways to use Star of Bethelehem:

low back pain that just hangs on and on and on...Apply a few drops of stock strength to a scar and rub in gently, morning and night.

Apply the stock to an area of the body which is your greatest "troublemaker," either through long- standing pain or as a repository for daily tension.

Soak a face cloth in hot water with 10-12 drops of stock. Gently rub any problem area, especially one which is uncomfortable to touch.

EDITORS' NOTE: To see Paul's bio and more of his excellent articles in Vibration, visit his Frequent Contributor Page.

MORE ABOUT THE PLANT ITSELF: The drawing and photograph are of Star of Bethlehem, latin name, Ornithogalum umbellatum. It is a small white blossom that grows from a bulb. This star-shaped flower grew in abundance in the Holy Land in the spring, hence the name star of Bethlehem. In times of seige or famine, the bulbs were dug up, roasted, and eaten, but the plant itself is poison when eaten raw and is noxious to animals.

DESIGN CREDITS: The artwork was especially created for us by Word of Mouth Web Design. The drawing of Star of Bethlehem is by Leonardo da Vinci.

The World Wide Essence Society does not mean to imply any recommendation of nor give certification to any individuals or companies above. This article is provided purely for informational purposes. We ask consumers to make their own determination as to quality of the services and products offered above. This article is not meant to be advice, and the information is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment.
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