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Vol 1., #1 - June 1998
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©1998 Judy Aizuss, M.S. knew we'd put a cutie like this in the beauty spot!Addressing issues of past trauma as it is held in your pet's energy field is an excellent way to utilize vibrational essences. Even if an animal has an inherently sensitive nature, it is usually some kind of trauma - emotional and/or physical - which disrupts the energy field enough to cause hypersensitivity-related behavior problems. Old traumas can remain indefinitely in an animal's energy field, negatively impacting the animal's present emotional states and behaviors. The "trauma essences" can effectively remove this negativity from the animal's energy field, thereby freeing the animal to respond appropriately to its environment.

Traumas that can be effectively addressed by essences include premature separation from the mother, being lost or abandoned, attack from other animals, prior neglect, accidental injuries -- both old and recent, prior homelessness or institutionalization, history of prior physical abuse and/or harsh training.

beautiful, powerful Alaska!Most of the trauma remedies I use come from Alaska. It is important to note that although Bach's Rescue Remedy is very effective for immediate shock and trauma (as is Flower Essence Society's "Arnica" and Living Essence's "Cowkicks"), the Alaskan essences excel when it comes to eliminating the negative after-effects of old trauma. The essences I use include the following:

Cotton Grass - for shock and trauma due to accident or injury. The trauma can be recent or old, with the animal unable to progress and heal from the pain and injury.

White Fireweed - for shock and trauma from emotional abuse; holding onto emotional pain.

Northern Ladies Slipper - pain and trauma held very deeply in the body; feeling unsupported by life. Signs that an animal may need this essence are (l) if you know that the animal has been through extensive, prolonged trauma, and (2) no matter how much loving attention you give the animal, it never seems to be enough.

Tundra Twayblade - deep pain and anguish resulting from past abuse; blocking the healing power of love from reaching those areas of the body that are most in need of it in an effort to avoid feeling the pain that is stored there. Pets needing this essence may appear to be indifferent to, or even avoid your loving ministrations.

River Beauty - I have found this essence to be most valuable as a "post- trauma" remedy. While the other essences seem to take an animal through the trauma experience and thus bring it to completion, River Beauty seems to help an animal rebuild and strengthen afterwards.

does this traumatize a dog...naaaw, probably not.Generally, I have found that only one of these remedies is needed for an animal, plus the River Beauty afterwards. In my experience, animals respond to the trauma remedies pretty quickly, usually within three days. Occasionally, an animal may have a very brief intensification of symptoms, (see "Healing Crisis") such as increased sensitivity/fear, which should then resolve within a day. If, after a couple of days the animal still isn't more "solid", even with the addition of River Beauty, consider the following factors:

1) Again, have your veterinarian eliminate the possibility of disease or physical problems.

2) Be sure you have addressed the environmental stressors, including training issues, which could be exacerbating your pet's negative response.

3) Treatment of past trauma and hypersensitivity is often part of a larger picture of emotional imbalance. Your pet may well have additional underlying issues, such as lack of confidence, which would respond to other remedies. Continue to research the possibilities, both in books and through your intuition. Or consult a professional essence practitioner, or an animal communicator for help.

4) Consider the possibility that the animal is undergoing a healing crisis (see right), and consult a practitioner.

this poodle needs a new hairdo!After administering a trauma essence, you may notice a beneficial effect very quickly - within hours or days. However, with some of the deeper-acting essences, such as Tundra Twayblade, animals may undergo a healing crisis.

In a healing crisis, the animal re-experiences part of the old trauma in the process of releasing it. The crisis can manifest as emotional/behavioral responses - for example, the horse may temporarily appear more fearful, less confident, etc. Much more rarely, the crisis can also manifest in temporary physical symptoms. For example, I was recently called to work with a Lipizzan gelding for symptoms of extreme anxiety and fear. One of the essences this horse tested for was Tundra Twayblade. Shortly after taking this essence, the horse had two attacks of colic, which was extremely unusual for this horse. His diet had not changed, and the veterinarian could determine no physical source for the colic. However, within a couple of days, the colic had not only cleared, but so did the emotional symptoms. The horse could now be trailered without getting worked into a lather, as he had before. He was happier, more confident, and could deal with new things much more calmly.

doggie tushies!Physical symptoms as pronounced as colic are not usual, but can be disconcerting when they do occur. Because of this, I would recommend consulting or working with an essence practitioner if you feel that a trauma essence is needed for your animal. Also, don't hesitate to consult your vet if unusual physical symptoms occur - especially if the symptoms don't clear within a day or two. Steve Johnson, the creator of the Alaskan essences and a long-time specialist in essence work with animals, feels strongly (as I do) that an animal would not test for or respond to an essence which would ultimately be destructive to the animal's health. However, the animal may need close monitoring for some follow-up essences to completely resolve the problem.

In conclusion, I have seen some wonderful results by using the trauma essences with animals. There are times, I believe, when a behavior or emotional problem simply can't be changed without the clearing of an old trauma. However, these essences do need to be used with greater care, awareness, and expertise than other vibrational essences. Take the time to educate yourself, or seek the support and guidance of an experienced practitioner.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: JUDY AIZUSS, M.S., is a Flower Essence Practitioner in Marin County, California, where she specializes in animal behavior problems. She is also a certified Meisterfeld Dog Trainer, and a licensed psychotherapist. Judy is available for in-person or phone consults. She can be reached at (415) 459-2383, or via email. Visit her website here.

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