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Humorous Articles from Vibration Magazine
A Virtual Booklet


Over the years, we have published 14 other Virtual Booklets--collections of articles on popular topics. They are listed below, and doubtlessly you will find one or more pertaining to your own special interests.

  • Animals, Pets, and Essences
  • Astrology and Essences
  • Australian Contributions to the Essence World
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Body Work and Essences
  • Children and Essences
  • Dreams, Essences and Essences
  • A Library of Essence Books
  • Trauma and Crisis Essences
  • Essence Making and Testing
  • Essence Practitioner Education
  • International Authors
  • Our Frequent Contributors
  • Whole Energy Essences--In-Depth Portraits

  • This special publication of the World Wide Essence Society is a compilation of articles about flower remedies, each containing a bit of humor. We feel that a light heart helps the healing process -- laughter can at least make the journey easier, if not more rapid.

    Since humor may be in the funnybone of the beholder, we present here what makes us laugh. Sometimes it's the text that produces a smile...othertimes it's the arwork that gets us giggling. See what you think!

    These articles have appeared since Vibration's inception in June, 1998. Vibration Magazine is an on-line flower remedy magazine about vibrational and flower essences. The articles in this booklet remain in the locations where they originally appeared, so click on the links to visit them.

    If you like what you see here, sign up for a free subscription to vibration. If you are new to the subject of flower remedies, also known as flower essences, read our FAQ.

    Deborah Bier and Donna Cunningham, Editors

    Pansy Waxes Wise
    Pansy's Garden of Misinformation
    Pansy's Essences for Health and Fitness
    Pansy's Garden of Verse
    Changes?! Nothing But Changes!

    Dear Tabby Gets Into the Strangest Places
    Dear Tabby: A Smarty Cat Answers Your Pets' Questions
    Dear Tabby
    ...But the Lightbulb Really has to WANT to Change...

    Rapping to the Rhythm of Bach
    Rapping it All Up: The Remedies Meet the Modalities
    Remedy Rap

    A Little Laughter Lightens Difficult Topics
    Essences for Difficult Relationships
    Overprotectiveness or Possessiveness in Pets: Chicory or Red Chestnut?
    Dogs and Rocks Don't Mix
    Men Wonder: What Does She Mean?
    Twelve Ways of Being Unwell

    Just for Fun
    Our Readers Wrong
    Search Engine Haiku
    The Frogs Say...
    Not having enough laughs? Try our Zinnia essence article

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