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Vol 3., #3 - Dec. 2000
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Sunshine Wattle Flower Essence: 
Facing the Future With Joyful Expectation
From the book Australian Bush Flower Essences
©1999 by Ian White,
Maker of the Australian Bush Flower Essences

Sunshine Wattle remedy helps to bring about an acceptance of the beauty and joy of the present and a belief in possibilities for the future. It is usually for people who have had a difficult time in the past and are literally stuck back there.

They bring their negative experiences from the past into the present. They have no hope that things will improve in the future. What they see can be compared to a mirror that reflects the past, and what they perceive in the present and for the future is only a repetition of what has been.

These are people who have a strong belief that life is a very grim struggle. They often see only bleakness in life and expect hard times and disappointments again. They are stuck in the unpleasant experiences of the past. This essence helps them see situations from a different point of view. It is a good remedy to take when life is temporarily difficult, when nothing is working out, or when life seems to be one big struggle.


A good friend of mine moved to take up a position with wonderful opportunities. Previously he had been battling to bring up a young family without much money, which lowered his self-esteem and made him wonder how he was going to make ends meet. When this new challenge arose, he found himself thinking about the struggles of the past and the hardships they had endured and expecting similar situations in the future.

Sunshine Wattle helped him move through these feelings very quickly and welcome the opportunities offered by his new circumstances. From this optimistic viewpoint, he surmounted some exceptionally difficult problems at the beginning of his employment.

This essence has produced excellent results in people who worry about money and who feel that their financial position is becoming worse. Sunshine Wattle had changed their outlook and restored their optimism. Quite often, once they get on with living and enjoying their lives, their money problems have been resolved.


Another typical Sunshine Wattle story concerns a grandmother who was disinterested in life and for whom everything was an effort. Her grandchildren didn't like to visit her, and her friends and family saw her purely out of a sense of duty, rarely enjoying the time spent with her.

After a course of Sunshine Wattle, she started having little parties and inviting people over, buying new clothes, painting the house, and playing with her grandchildren again. They began to enjoy visiting her. She developed an interest in people and would lovingly chastise them when they were despondent and help them try to regain their good humor.


In using Sunshine Wattle, people who are stuck in the past, feel hopeless, and expect the future to be grim change their attitudes. They find an acceptance of the beauty and joy in the present, become optimistic, and look forward to the future with joyful expectation. Our experience of today--and our view of tomorrow--is shaped by our thoughts. It is as the Buddha said:

"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow; our life is the creation of our mind."


NOTE: This is an excerpt from Ian White's book, Australian Bush Flower Essences, published by Findhorn Press and reprinted here with their permission. To order a copy, see here.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Since obtaining his Bachelor of Science from the University of New South Wales and graduating from the NSW College of Natural Therapies thirteen years ago, Ian White has been practicing successfully as a Naturopath and Homeopath. Ian is a fifth generation Australian herbalist. Both his grandmother and great grandmother were early pioneers in discovering the medicinal properties of Australian plants, and as a boy Ian spent a great deal of time with his grandmother in the bush learning from her. Over the last ten years, Ian has traveled Australia researching and developing his particular interest in the healing qualities of flowering plants and trees. Ian is known throughout the world for his seminars and guest appearances on television and radio. To order this or other remedies, visit their website, which also lists U.S. distributors.


CREDITS: The gold brick background tile is from Adler and the plain gold tile from BW Graphics. The photo of sunshine wattle came from the Australian Bush Flower Essence Website.

The World Wide Essence Society does not mean to imply any recommendation of nor give certification to any individuals or companies above. This article is provided purely for informational purposes. We ask consumers to make their own determination as to quality of the services and products offered above. This article is not meant to be advice, and the information is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment.
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